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make me choose > t4lizorah asked: vanguard or engineer

"Vanguards are feared for their high-risk, high-reward
combat style, closing quickly on enemies and destroying them
at short range with weapons and biotic abilities. They are
outfitted with L5n implants, enabling them to perform a biotic
charge that strikes the opponent with incredible force while
bringing the Vanguard in for close-range combat.”


into the flood again;

same old trip it was back then

Mass Effect 30 Day Challenge
Day 10
Favourite Weapon(s)?
L Biotics.



I’m going to cry

heard you talkin’ shit but this ain’t what the fuck you want - waka flocka flame

Looking for a laid back group of friendly people to play Destiny with? Look no farther! Guardians of Purgatory is the right place for you! Both xb and psn players welcome;  hope to see you in Destiny!

If you have any questions, you can contact aeducaan or greywardenmage

「 W I L D C A R D 


okay but hawke’s basically the bob belcher of kirkwall, right?

like really

Anders: Hawke, help me collect poop in a dark cave, that’s what friends do
Hawke: oh my god

Isabela: I might have stolen a precious religious artifact from the qunari
Hawke: oh my god

Fenris: yeah i didn’t mean for there to be quite so many heavily-armed slavers there when i hired an unaware third party under false pretenses
Hawke: oh my god

Hawke: oh my god

Video game meme: [5/7] video games - Assassin’s Creed

"To say that nothing is true, is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization. To say that everything is permitted, is to understand that we are the architects of our actions, and that we must live with their consequences, whether glorious or tragic."





It won’t be right away, since I have a few other doodles to finish and some personal stuff going on, but in the next few months I’m going to start working on an “Inquisitor Pool Party” doodle and I’d like to include as many Inquisitors as I can handle.

The art isn’t going to be anything spectacular. The Inquisitors’ll most likely be in this style:


So if you’d like to see your Inquisitor joining in on the fun, reblog with some details, such as your Inquistor’s name, what you’d like to see them doing at the pool (swimming, attacking someone with a squirt gun, cooking at the grill), and after a week or so I’ll get back to you via fanmail or ask to get more details if I need them.

If this gets a large enough response I may not be able to include all of the Inquisitors that are named, but I’ll try my best. Please don’t be offended if you have one of the later reblogs and your Inquisitor doesn’t make it on the list. :(

Fuckyeahcullen, Momochanners, Officialvarrictethras, Dextronoms, and Deliciouspineapple’s Inquizzies are already going to be in the picture. (As well as Countessnoir and Eikes-jacket if they’ve got Inquizzies planned that they’d like me to include. <3)

I know it’s not gonna be anything fancy, but I’m looking forward to throwing all of your Inquisitors together!

I’m gonna jump on this ayyyyyy

Throwing in Hilgrid Cadash (link for rough picture ref), who’d probably spend the whole time under an umbrella sipping fancy drinks. Because she’s a fancy lady and does not partake in rowdy things.

do I jump on the bandwagon? Oh why not! I’ll nominate my own Amaria Trevelyan, (who likes kinda like this) who would probably be sleeping on a pool float, because sleep.

yaaaas, beowulf cadash - brown alistair hair with a nice knarly beard. it would be cool to see him enjoying a nice beer


aveline vallen: *sighs for seven years straight*




[  ] single

[  ] taken

[x] stuck romancing the same asshole in a bioware game for the 900th time