we go on a journey everytime we start a game

assassin’s creed unity

10 facts, 10 questions and 10 answers

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10 facts

1. im hella short, like 5’3

2. huge world war 2 buff

3. super shy, unless i know the person - then im chattiest person ever

4. got some bad eyesight, which is thankfully being dealt with via laser eye surgery

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The Guardians are a standing army of specialized soldiers tasked with the defense of the last city on Earth. They are also responsible for exploring the remnants of human society abandoned throughout the solar system and investigating the remains of their Golden Age of exploration. Guardians wage a vicious armed conflict against a myriad of extraterrestrial species who pose an immediate threat to the survival of humanity.
lotheringrose: your blog is so cool holy shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

omfg thank you so much! you dont know how much this means to me


You’ve been dead a long time

mass effect 3 light + dark


Old Russia, Earth

Destiny’s Races


"where's his ghost?"

Welcome to the Frontier…

make me choose: isabela or morrigan asked by couslands