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Choose your specialisation:

  • Range
  • Health
  • Stealth
  • Melee

Main Assassins + details


From face to foot
He was a thing of blood, whose every motion
Was timed with dying cries.

William Shakespeare, Coriolanus


dragon age: inquisition — character creation, x


He…he’s holding his own head…

Press Start

Storming of the Bastille

"On 14 July, the insurgents set their eyes on the large weapons and ammunition cache inside the Bastille fortress, which was also perceived to be a symbol of royal power. After several hours of combat, the prison fell that afternoon. Despite ordering a cease fire, which prevented a mutual massacre, Governor Marquis Bernard de Launay was beaten, stabbed and decapitated; his head was placed on a pike and paraded about the city. Although the fortress had held only seven prisoners (four forgers, two noblemen kept for immoral behavior, and a murder suspect) the Bastille served as a potent symbol of everything hated under the Ancien Régime."

some info on the character creator in inquisition


  • there is a break your nose option so once you’ve chosen your nose you can then break that sucker
  • they don’t have anything implemented where you can fix yourself in the game if you don’t like how you look but they said that they tried to make the lighting be as neutral as possible in the character creator to make it so you don’t have a big shock in game
  • once again there is a break nose option to break the fuck outta your nose
  • cute undercut hairstyles
  • broken. noses.


Blessed are they who stand before
The corrupt and the wicked and do not falter.

—Benedictions 4:10

dai + opening stages of character creation

The Last of Us DLC: Left Behind