Mass effect is great if you’re secure enough in your sexuality to recognize you’re attracted to space crickets, space salamanders, space frogs, and literally everything in between.


Humanity First

Happy Birthday, Sam!


mass effect 3 space

Faith lies in ashes…”


FINALLY. I got the xbox 360 hooked up to the internet AND got xbox live AND played AC3 multiplayer with aeducaan


Hockey players after losing skate blades

Trials 1:10


Question the creed 

«She’s not exactly softer than when you last saw her, but there’s definitely a more human side to her now. She’s a warrior, but she’s got her inner demons as well.» (x)

"One day the magic will come back - all of it. Everyone will be just like they were. The shadows will part and the skies will open wide. When he rises, everyone will see."


We αre the Aѕѕαѕѕιɴѕ & we мαĸe нιѕтory.



Origins is scary because it’s hard to tell which dialogue options are the mean ones sometimes. 

or praising the maker by accident


I love this bit. 

Keep in mind that the dialogue that preceeds it is: 

  • Aveline: You didn’t come to my solstice dinner party.
  • Isabela: Look at you! Dinner parties, cooking… do you have a lace apron yet, or should I get one for you?
  • Aveline: Don’t change the subject. I sent you an invitation, and you didn’t show up.

Aveline gets slammed for slut shaming Isabella but by the third act their relationship has changed. This dialogue can be summed up as:

Aveline: You’re part of my family. 

Isabella: I didn’t think you’d want me as family. 

Aveline: Of course I do.